Giaudrone Library Program

Open daily from 8:00-2:55 for students!


Teacher Librarian: Margaret Buck, MLS (she/her or they/them)



Mission: The Giaudrone library program helps students and staff think, create, share, and grow as readers, learners, and global citizens.

What do libraries do now, anyway? Isn’t everything online?

Well, it turns out that people still like places and books made of paper. But also, you’re right, lots of things are online now, and so are libraries! Here are some things school libraries and librarians do now:

·         Teach students stuff, like how to tell if information is true, where to find good information, how to share it responsibly, being safe online, speaking out about things you care about, and a lot more. Pretty much anything that has to do with how people use ideas and information.

·         Recommend awesome books that you will like based on what you need (and help you figure out what you need, sometimes!)

·         Help find information for a school project, or because you just want to know

·         Be a safe space where people come together, talk, think about stuff, or do what they need to do on their own

·         Make sure schools have books and information that represent diverse people, cultures, and ideas

·         Make sure schools have books and information that are “just right” for every learner in the building, no matter their age

·         Support students and staff in organizing and advocating for things important to them and to our school community

·         Host events, author visits, book fairs, guest speakers, etc.

Visiting the library

·         Students can visit the library any time during the school day with a pass from a teacher.

·         Advisory and lunch time are great times to ask for a pass to the library!

·         Whole classes will sometimes visit the library to do research, check out books, or for other lessons.

Checking out books

·         TPS middle schoolers can check out up to 5 books at a time.

·         Books are checked out for three weeks, with the option to bring the book in and renew it

·         Don’t forget to check out Sora for lots of ebooks available for checkout: Sora (

Online Resources

·         Giaudrone library catalog – search for books, place holds, write reviews, and request books from other schools

·         Sora ( – read ebooks from the Tacoma Public Schools’ ebook library OR the Tacoma Public Library

·         Library Services - Tacoma Public Schools ( – find links to resources for students, parents, and educators; also find video tutorials for using online resources, information about our Pathways partnership with the Tacoma Public Library system, and more!

·         Schoology – Students all have access to a library Schoology group with lots of useful information! Students can also message Ms. Buck through Schoology, participate in discussion groups, and learn about upcoming events.