AVID Schoolwide is the implementation of cross curricular strategies that have been identified as beneficial for all students (basically the top high yield strategies). The strategies can be modified to meet student needs at all levels. Acceleration at the middle level is based on Content Process and Product. All of the strategies are tools in the toolbox and must be differentiated for the needs of the learners in the room. They are accessible by all teachers.


Four Domains of AVID:  

Instruction - The entire instructional staff utilizes AVID strategies, other best instructional practices, and 21st century tools to ensure college readiness for AVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all students.

Systems - Systems are in place that support governance, curriculum and instruction, data collection and analysis, professional learning, and student and parent outreach to ensure college readiness for AVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all students.

Leadership - Leadership sets the vision and tone that promote college readiness and high expectations for all students in the school.

Culture - Schoolwide culture is evident when the AVID philosophy progressively shifts beliefs and behaviors resulting in an increase of students meeting college readiness requirements.

Transitions and Articulation:  When implemented effectively, AVID promotes the interrelationship and continuity of contents, curriculum, and instruction across different courses (horizontal and vertical), and assists with transitions by providing students with cross content strategies.


AVID Elective Goals: (A combination of TPS and AVID Elective Expectations)

  • AVID elective students earn grades of B or better in all CORE academic classes

  • AVID elective students' average attendance is 95% or higher

  • All high school AVID elective students take at least one course that represents the most rigorous instruction at that grade level (appropriate to that student)

  • 100% of AVID elective students will take one advanced course during their junior or senior year (AP, IB, CIHS, Running Start, Capstone)

  • 80% of AVID elective students recruited based on AVID elective criterion will pass an advanced course end-of-course exam

  • 100% of AVID elective students graduate on-time with college-ready transcripts

  • 100% of AVID elective students apply to 3 or more 4-year colleges or post high school education programs/opportunities

  • 80% of AVID elective students enroll in college or post high school education program/opportunity the fall after senior year

  • 100% of AVID elective students read at or above grade level by 8th grade

  • 100% of AVID elective students show growth in reading or math based on 5th grade comparison