Main Office 253-571-5811

Principal - Shannan Graves
Assistant Principal - Khai Peirce
Dean of Students - Robert Hurst

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Name Position Email Phone Website
Special Education   Email 253-571-5873 Website 
Amdur, Miriam Special Education Teacher/LRC ELA Email 253-571-5811 Website 
Anderson, Shawn CTE Teacher - Robotics and Design Email 253-571-5851 Website 
Avid Program AVID Email 253-571-5863 Website 
Baker, Dianne Attendance Secretary Email 253-571-5829  
Basinger, Leryan Social Studies Email 253-571-5863 Website 
Bassi-Rodriguez, Leonardo Spanish Teacher Email 253-571-5874 Website 
Bruhn, Tara Instructional Coach Email 253-571-5818  
Carlsen, Ingrid Occupational Therapist Email 253-571-5854 Website 
Carlson, Andy Social Studies Teacher Email 253-571-5881 Website 
Carlson, Kenna Special Education Teacher Email 253-571-5873  
Cohoe-Napelenok, Jessica Social Studies Teacher Email 253-571-5867 Website 
Cooper, Sara Science Teacher Email 253-571-5862 Website 
Costa, Anthony Dean of Students & IB Coordinator Email 253-571-5815  
Cram, Patricia (Patty) SpEd Teacher Email 253-571-5839 Website 
Duncan, Dale Para, Special Education Email 253-571-5838  
Fleischfresser, Deanna Librarian Email 253-571-5890  
Fowler, Tamera Records & Scheduling Assistant Email 253-571-5824  
Fredricks, Traci Choir/Drama Teacher Email 253-571-5892 Website 
Gonzalez, Sinai Para Educator Email 253-571-5839  
Gramento, Linda PE Teacher Email 253-571-5835  
Granados Rodriguez, Cesar YMCA Director Email 253-571-5825  
Graves, Shannan Principal Email 253-571-5820  
Griebel, Tari ELA Teacher Email 253-571-5837 Website 
Hakanson, Allison Science Teacher Email 253-571-5877 Website 
Hartman, Crystal Math Teacher Email 253-571-5849 Website 
Hinkel, Rebecca Science Teacher Email 253-571-5858 Website 
Hurd, Peggy SLP Assistant Email 253-571-5854  
Hurst, Robert ELA Teacher Email 253-571-5842 Website 
Iverson, Cynthia Orchestra Teacher Email 253-571-5856 Website 
Lampe, Hailey Science Teacher Email 253-571-5836 Website 
Leingang, Pamela ELA Teacher Email 253-571-5831 Website 
Miller, Mark Counselor Email 253-571-5822 Website 
Millin, Ron Custodian Email 253-571-5840  
Mitchell, Kristin Counselor Email 253-571-5823 Website 
Nalder, Natalie Math Teacher Email 253-571-5832 Website 
Neuberger, Timothy Science Teacher Email 253-571-5887 Website 
Overfield Kuner, Yvonne SpEd Teacher Email 253-571-5838 Website 
Paschall, Nancy Nurse Email 253-571-5816 Website 
Peirce, Khai Assistant Principal Email 253-571-5826 Website 
Price, Teresa Office Coordinator Email 253-571-5899  
Puryear, Ulrike French Teacher Email 253-571-5870 Website 
Rearick, Beth School Psychologist Email 253-571-5824  
Rich, Shannon Math Teacher Email 253-571-5859 Website 
Rotchstein, Rebecca Culinary Teacher Email 253-571-5871 Website 
Shaw, Emily Science Teacher Email 253-571-5846 Website 
Shepard, Lindsey TLC Teacher Email 253-571-5880 Website 
Sheppard, Stephanie Instrumental Music Teacher Email 253-571-5857 Website 
Spangler, Lori Nurse Email 253-571-5816  
Underwood, Courtney ELA Teacher Email 253-571-5850 Website 
Vancleef, Jessica LRC Teacher Email 253-571-5896 Website 
Vanderhorst, Kristina Math Teacher Email 253-571-5866 Website 
Waissman, Rachael Speech Therapist Email 253-571-5854 Website 
Wangler, Zach Science Teacher Email 253-571-5865 Website 
Wilkins, Mardi ELA Teacher Email 253-571-5843 Website 
Yang, Sarah Korean & ELL Teacher Email 253-571-5879 Website 
Ziegler, Paulette Art Teacher Email 253-571-5848 Website